veronica - dreary weather - good music - liver pills - calomel - income tax - no biking - new boots - bad golf - etc etc - fill up the life of your despised E.E.

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this movie was a cinematic masterpiece 

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my 1950s glasses came in the post today and I feel like I’m swimming when I wear them

you are beautiful

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le petit soldat (1963)

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Ezra Koenigs golden rules for life

1: always carry sunglasses

2: do your emails while you drink coffee

3: disable text preview

4: respect all faiths

5: eat healthy by yourself

6: never wear flip-flops in public

7: learn how to say, ''i understand every word you're saying, motherfucker'' in multiple languages.

8: take a shower

9: it's better to underdress than overdress

10: don't worry about manners too much

~ Q magazine


Nick Cave is the subject of a different kind of rock documentary called 20,000 Days on Earth, which attempts to debunk the creative process for what it actually is: “It is just hard labor.”

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